March 5th, 2048 - Morning


It’s 6:30am on March 5th, 2048. You wake up on this, another workday. The bed kept track of your sleep, recording every movement and carefully monitoring sleep states, breathing, heartbeat and other vitals. Knowing that you have back problems, the bed adjusted its contouring accordingly, targeting just the right muscles. You feel good and well rested. Your bed also coordinated the correct room temperature to make it exactly right for your preference.


You get up and step into the bathroom. The lights turn on automatically, light switches were phased out years ago. Since you’re a bit older, you know that every room still has a small hidden manual light switch within the wall but kids nowadays aren’t even aware of its existence. You turn on the faucet and the temperature is just right though it’s a cold and dreary day in Silicon Valley. You step into the shower, the water is just the right temperature. No need to shampoo or use soap, the shower takes care of everything, you just step in, shower and then experience the pleasant drying mode. Unbelievable that people used hair dryers in the past! Nowadays, human hairdressers are said to offer vintage bespoke haircuts by manually cutting hair. Hair styling and cutting are entirely automated. The shower dries and styles your hair in minutes to that perfect look.


Back in the bedroom the closet doors quietly slide open after your hand wave. A coordinated outfit is presented. You don’t shop for clothes like you used to - you simply approve suggested outfits and tap to purchase. Coordinated outfits show up in your closet. The system detects old clothes that don’t get used and after your approval, auto recycles. You never see a thing that happens behind the scenes.


Breakfast time! You come downstairs and step into the kitchen. The rooms light up automatically as you pass through the house, it’s still a bit dark. The lit kitchen is suggesting a litany of things you could have for breakfast on the frove door. Frove is an appliance introduced a decade ago. It’s a combination of fridge, stove and oven. Suggested items are personalized based on your age, genetic makeup and health conditions. The kitchen is softly playing bossa nova. It knows you like to start the day on a happy note. With a few taps on a screen of options you make your breakfast choices, you’re not ready to speak yet. If you wish, you can also tell your kitchen what you want. In minutes the kitchen produces a breakfast that drops in from a designated cubby. Grocery shopping no longer exists. With a subscription service everything is shipped directly to your kitchen. You never see any boxes or dispose of trash. Kitchen replenishment is seamless and invisible. It just happens. You think back to old times when you had to waste time grocery shopping. Kids are awake now. They go through their own motions and tumble downstairs into the kitchen.

Advent of another Workday

You’re checking your devices now and see the flurry of early morning work activity. You kiss the kids goodbye as your front door opens. Their self driving car is here to take them to school. Yours is arriving in five minutes to usher you to the office.